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Saturday, June 27, 2009

So When Exactly Does Life Get Easier??

I'm guessing that life just never really does get any easier. It seems like every day brings a new problem. Today has not been a good one and yet I am unspeakably grateful for the kindness of a few people, some total strangers.

I spent the morning running to Home Depot to get supplies for Melda's project. Three men graciously volunteered to lend their trucks and their time to go get the stuff and bring it to my house. I went along because I had the money. :) At one point we all got scattered about to shop for various items. A lady working at Home Depot saw me wandering around looking like I was lost and asked if I were looking for something in particular. I replied, "Yes, I'm just looking for 3 men". She had a puzzled look for a moment and then asked if they were 3 men that I came with or if any 3 men would do. I suppose Home Depot would be a good place to find men. Any ladies who are dating might want to keep that in mind.

We got all the stuff delivered and they looked at the door we have. Long story short - we have an exterior door that was donated for Melda and a frame for it but after putting it together earlier this week, we discovered that they do not fit together. The guys have no idea what to do about that. And of course I don't either. So that's a problem for this coming week.

Then I got in my Jeep to go to Walmart to get something for dinner. And my beloved Jeep decided to stop dead in its tracks on a very busy highway. It's been doing that lately despite having a brand new battery, a new radiator, and having been looked at by the best mechanic I know. So I sat and waited - sometimes it will eventually start up again. Today it seemed very happy to sit in traffic doing absolutely nothing. It's amazing how many people will drive on by when they see someone with car trouble. But one VERY kind man did come out of a shop to try to push it off the main road. Once he did that, some other guys came running and joined in. The next thing I know someone yells "Hey Amber, need some help??" It was one of our youth at church. David, you are WONDERFUL! He saw the REZonate sticker on the back of my Jeep and then realized it was me.

Now while all that was happening I had tried to call Brian. No luck - he was on the roof doing some work and didn't have his phone on him. So what's a girl to do?? Call her daddy. Yep, I called my dad to come to the rescue and of course, he did. Now my Jeep is back in my driveway and that very good, very gracious mechanic I know is on his way over to do a house call. I mean really, what mechanic does house calls?? Good ones. REALLY good ones.

So yeah, life's hard, but people are good. Some people are anyway.

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Gary Means said...

A mechanic who does house calls. Amazing. Next you're going to tell me that you got an refund check from an insurance company. That's great that you got the help you needed, Amber. Life is so darn complicated sometimes, isn't it?