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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The COOLEST Thing in the World!

I think the coolest thing in the world is seeing a bunch of people coming together and giving their best to make life easier for someone else. Its just a beautiful sight and I'm fortunate that I get to see that a lot.

And it doesn't take anybody really special ... just ordinary people, young, old, employed or not, healthy or not. They all do their part and the result is absolutely amazing!

We have

  • a crew of 14 people who are willing to take their vacation time and rough it, driving for 4 days in a van full of people to work their butts off and get their hearts broken.
  • A lady who had an idea to give a shower for an older lady that she's never met.
  • A lady who has never met any of us who read a blog and sent a generous gift - and then another generous gift.
  • A construction company who offered whatever was in their warehouse (which was a LOT) to give a lady they've never met a nicer home.
  • Strangers from all over the U.S., England, Germany and France who contributed whatever they could to buy school supplies for some of America's poorest kids.
  • A rock band in Virginia who did a benefit to raise money to buy heaters for people who can't afford to heat their homes.
  • Another band in Pittsburgh who are doing a benefit to help buy school supplies
  • A gifted artist in Seattle who continues to donate his time and talent to create stunning logos and promotional materials
  • A bunch of bikers who want to make an effort most of them had never heard of (REZonate) their big fundraising event of the year.
  • A widely listened to radio station that is willing to promote an effort they had never heard of either (REZonate)
  • A lady who's been battling stage 5 breast cancer, and who doctors told would have stage 6 cancer if there was a stage 6 is volunteering to help load the truck and work at REZonate.
  • A man who is also battling cancer who has made a lot of runs to buy supplies
  • A man who loans his pick-up truck to pick up supplies
  • A man who loans his work equipment in any way its needed.

And those are just a few that come to mind.

And then there are the little kids at church who heard about the watermelon eating contest we had with the kids on the Rez last year and saved their money all year to buy the watermelons for the watermelon eating contest this year. Last Sunday as the church sent us off and these kids brought a red wagon with some watermelons in it down to the front to give them to us and to give us the rest of the money they had saved - sticky dollar bills and nickles and dimes. It came to $115.00!

So here are some pics that Tim took ... enjoy!

And some from the watermelon eating contest last year.

And this one is just because she'll kill me. :)


Gary Means said...

Made my eyes leak.

Kansas Bob said...

God's speed and blessings as you go Amber!