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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One of THOSE Days

So, this morning went OK, had a lunch meeting with a friend then went to the grocery store, then came home to upload some photos to the Walgreens site so I can order prints that would be ready for pick up this afternoon. Then was going to go distribute some fliers for REZonate and pick up the photos.

Well ... either the Walgreens web site or my computer didn't want to cooperate. I FINALLY got them uploaded and ordered and jumped in the Jeep to finish my errands only to have my Jeep die ... again.

SO, back home thinking that since I'm stuck here maybe I can run the vacuum. Wrong. The bag is full and I am out of new ones and I can't go get new ones because the Jeep isn't working.

SO, I can work on the video for Sunday right?? Well, maybe. The software keeps crashing. A certain adorable video clip just doesn't want to work for me. Don't know if its the software, the video clip or my computer but something isn't working right.

SO I'm thinking I should call it a day and go read or play with the dogs. Doesn't seem like I'm going to get much else done today.

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