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Monday, July 06, 2009

So, This is IT!

Yesterday was our last crew meeting. Friday we load the 26' truck and really, really early Saturday morning we head out. I'm finally excited about it. I guess the prep work is mostly done now and so I've got time to actually think about being there. Pulling into the village every year feels a lot like coming home. I can't wait.

This morning I called the little grocery store that's in the town near the Rez and ordered all the bread and buns. It's good to give 'em a head's up so we don't clean them out entirely. They seem to appreciate that as do the other people who live in the town that were planning on sandwiches or hamburgers that week.

I also stopped by Walmart to get a shower curtain for the outhouse that has no door. It is a mission trip and we're all willing to sacrifice comfort and a good measure of privacy, but there are limits.

At the meeting last night we did an exercise that everyone seems to enjoy. Hopefully it builds up the team and helps us see the good in each other. We put our name on a paper and pass it around for the other team members to write a one word or phrase that describes that person (all positive of course). So, my list came out kinda funny.

Great leader
Crazy (I take it that's crazy is a good way?)
Hot (I also take it that my dear husband wrote that one)
A Christ servant
Great person
Locked in on your mission (hopefully not to the point that I exclude other missions - I don't think I do)
Good organizer
Committed (probably should be)
Beautiful (a sweet lady wrote that)

The thing that cracks me up is the "organized" one. When it comes to these trips and events like Rezonate, yeah, I'm organized ... because I couldn't pull it off if I weren't. But ohhhh... these folks should see my desk and my closet! They could probably win in an entry for one of those shows where they take you over for a week and clean everything out and reorganize your life. Looking at those two spaces the word "organized" does not come to mind. At all.

The question has come up a few times in the past month or so about the possibility of someone staying in a trailer by themselves once we get there. Actually, it was offered to me and Brian by the missionary. As much as I appreciate that the missionaries want to take care of me there's no way I would stay away from my crew. We also have a couple that will be celebrating their 25th anniversary while there. I did say I would allow them to use it for that night but not for the week - and I couldn't guarantee what might be going on outside the trailer that night. Really the only person I would allow to use it for the week would be one of our guys who has a physical need. We don't have "special people" on this trip ... just special needs. And yes, you can take that a few different ways.


Gary Means said...

May God work in and through you all in beautiful, meaningful, and powerful ways. May He keep you safe. May He deepen and expand existing bonds. May you and your crew be the very human hands of Christ to all you encounter.

Blasé said...

Now that I know the 'outhouse' will have a 'curtain'....I'd like to go, too!!!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to hear the stories when you return.

I have an idea of how to let the church know more about your mission remind me to tell you...if you don't like the idea it won't hurt my feelings but it came to me today while I was praying for you..figured it was God...ha!