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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Tryin' To Get My Groove Back

Warning: This is a vent and a very negative post. I'll get my groove back ... eventually and will be back to posting all the excitement and such but for now, I'm going to grouch.

I'll admit it, I'm in a funk. It has rained and rained, and then rained some more. And its downright chilly for July. It's definitely a pj's and grubby robe kind of night. But its not the weather that is bugging me. Frankly, I'm not sure what's bugging me, but whatever it is, its getting the better of me. At a time when I should feel fulfilled and blessed and happy, I'm disgruntled, discontent and depressed. At a time when I should be busy getting ready for a day of music and Harley's, I'd much prefer to crawl onto the couch with a big cozy quilt and watch garbage TV.

Part of this attitude is due to people. People are difficult to work with. People tend to put themselves first regardless of whether its all about them or not. People don't return calls. People assume the worst about you without bothering to check it out. People are rude. People are, well, people.

Part of it is just "stuff" too. Stuff that wears me out. I came home from the Rez to find my house trashed by a dog that went into a full blown doggie panic attack, a son that enlisted in the Army in a highly deployable position. We've had 3 bands drop out of Rezonate. The guy in charge of getting food vendors for REZonate tells me that we only have 2 - none of the others are returning phone calls. Thank God for Papa Johns Pizza who is not only on board, but have paid their fees and are even putting fliers on all their pizza boxes for us. Makes me want to order a pizza just to support them. Oh, and the contact person at the venue we are having Rezonate at is on leave with no return date.

So I'm trying to book some bands. And I've got to tell ya, I'm really tired of people who think they are God's gift to the world because they have a guitar and can sing. I run into that a lot. Way too much really. There can't be that many "stars" out there that I've never even heard of.

So much for bands. Today I'm trying to buy some school supplies today ... and its not working out so well. My Jeep is not running which slows things down big time. While its being fixed I thought I shop online to see if I can find any good deals. And I ran into a snag there too. Seems that a big name office supply store wants me to fax them a tax ID certificate before they'll take off the tax. My tax ID number isn't good enough all by itself. Nope, they want me to fax them what amounts to a blank form that I write my tax ID number on. Make sense? Not to me. Just more red tape. Just more aggravation. Just more for me to fiddle with because I'm not willing to pay $25 tax. That would buy a lot of folders or notebooks. Nope, I'll jump through the hoops and maybe I'll even find a better deal somewhere else in the meantime.

All of that is do-able. Its really just par for the course. Things like that happen anytime you attempt to do anything. I'm not really worried about it because I've been around long enough to know it'll all work out. Its just that I'm tired and I really don't want to do any of it.

OK, I should probably end this on a better note because reading over it I make myself sick. So on a good note, I'm enjoying learning some photography. I'm not good at it, but I'm having fun learning and it was kinda cool yesterday when I went in to pick up some prints I ordered, gave them my name and they said, "OH, the really pretty pictures! We were all talking about them this morning." OK, that was nice.

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Blasé said...

Papa Johns and Photography...works every time.