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Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Do I Love This Dog Again??

Oh the things that happen when you're away from home. We came home to find this mess...

While we were gone my parents came over to put Gunner and Taser in their crates at night. Taser refused to even enter the house with them here but Gunner did come in and went to his crate like the good dog. Ha! Well, somehow Gunner managed to get out after they left and he scratched up the back door trying to get to Taser, then he climbed onto the kitchen cabinet and knocked the griddle off that my son had left out. He broke it and it cost me $40 for a new one yesterday. Then he got himself locked into the bathroom. That is when he really FREAKED and tore the drywall up, tore the door up and even was able to tear the woodwork completely off!
And do you know what our reaction was when we found out??
We were just glad he didn't run away. We might be the only people who can find out our dog trashed our house and be glad he's still here.
But the thing that really broke my heart was finding out our son Logan joined the Army. I knew he was going to but was really, really hoping he wouldn't. He will ship out Nov. 4th and will be trained for a position in the Army's intelligence. The good news is that he will be able to get a job with the FBI, CIA or NASA. The bad news is that its a HIGHLY deployable position and he will basically be a target.
Yes, I'm proud of him but he didn't have to join the Army and go to the front lines for me to be proud. I was proud of him before he did this.
I'm really just sick about it but realize that there is nothing I can do. The U.S. owns him now.


Michelle said...

I'm sitting in my bed in a really bad mood for numerous reasons, have been locked in here hiding from my family all day. I am now sitting on my bed in a really bad mood crying. I am sending you a huge hug, I can't imagine how you feel. I will be praying for him and for you! Check out this program www.cardsforhereos.com I'm doing a card drive for them in Oct. Remember you can call me for coffee anytime.

Amber said...

Thanks Michelle. I found out he did it while I was in the van on the way to PR. I cried and then put it behind me because I had to. I hate it. REALLY hate it, but there's not a thing I can do except pray he survives.