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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Things are moving along pretty much on target. I do wish I knew how to add a mp3 file to the blog or to Facebook because I just got the radio spots for REZonate Music Fest and Bike Ride that will air on 96Rock and Warm 98 next week. I'm impressed! They used music from a couple of the bands that will play at the event and it sounds really good.

For the most part my work on REZonate is pretty much over. Well, at least the hard part. I work on getting sponsors (I HATE that part), and booking bands (love that part) and doing general coordinating. That's all done, things are put together, and now all I have to do is wait for Aug 29 and then go set booths up, carry stuff, register bikers, and basically hang out listening to good music, eating good food, and making sure everything moves along.

I must say that I SOOO appreciate my crew. They are truly amazing. Jess works hard on getting volunteers and planning out their schedule. We need about 100 or so of them so I'm eternally grateful to her for dealing with that. Brody gets the equipment. Having a good, well-respected guy who has a great relationship with businesses that rent equipment and who is willing to give so much of his time to the event is, well, just a priceless treasure. Tim and Dennis have the huge and often thankless job of getting the sound equipment together and running it all day. Its a long day and a lot of pressure but they're the best money can buy and we don't even pay 'em anything. Paula works hard on contacting all sorts of media to promote the event. Paula is as sweet as can be but she is one determined lady when it comes to promotion so its funny to see this sweet little lady going for it. Whitlock gets our food vendors and believe it or not, that is not such an easy job. But Whit has worked with some of the biggest companies in the US (you would recognize the names) and makes this look like small potatoes. This year he managed to get Papa Johns Pizza and get them to put our flyer on all of their pizza boxes! How he did that, I've no idea. Amazing. Pam and Barb are the WC Township employees who have helped us SOOO much. We lost Pam a month or so ago - she is on leave and it was like losing our guiding light. She was so helpful and I'm absolutely sure that we would never have gotten this off the ground without her help the past 2 years. Barb has stepped in and done a good job of taking over when she wasn't sure what was going on. Both of these women are amazing. And no, in case you're wondering, my hubby Brian takes care of our books. That's a time consuming job to say the least. He literally spends hours on it to make sure not a single penny is misused. He also makes countless trips to the Community Foundation to deposit money, as if he has time for that. And on top of that he lives with my insanity as I put this together and has given up 2 rooms in his home for school supplies. All of these folks give up a night a month to meet and plan this thing out and then they give up the whole day of the event to be on hand. Amazing.

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