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Monday, August 24, 2009


This pic pretty much says it all

My beloved Jeep has been giving me FITS for a while now. It runs great ... until it doesn't. I'll be out driving around and it will just die. Right there. Without warning. Just die. Sometimes it'll start back up right away. Other times I have to wait it out for a while. Eventually it will start again. While I'm waiting its really nice if I'm not in the middle of the road on worse yet, in the middle of an intersection.

I've got a REALLY good friend who is a great mechanic. I trust him fully. He's good and better yet, he's honest. He has even made a house call once. But he's stumped. He just had it for over a week going over it with a fine tooth comb ... replaced parts and gave it the best treatment any Jeep ever could dream of... and yet... I have it for 3 days and it dies again.

I've seriously considered the Cash for Clunkers bit, but didn't want to do that. For one thing, its only got 80,000 miles on it and should have a lot of good life left in it, and more importantly, I really can't afford a new car. In any case, that opportunity has come and gone. Maybe I could sell it to an off road enthusiast who wouldn't mind the lack of reliability so much. I don't know. I've got about $1000 in it recently ... its got so many new parts it should be almost completely rebuilt by now. Still ... it's not fixed.

Don't get me wrong. I love my Jeep. I really love it. I would just love it more if it ran.

Today I was out at VOA helping Brody put up one of our banners for REZonate when the sweet thing died. I seriously thought about leaving it there with the hope somebody would steal it. My luck, it would still be sitting there Saturday when I go back for the Festival.

So, here I sit. Literally.

The thing is, I really need my Jeep. I need it to haul all the stuff I have to haul ... like mass quantities of school supplies. Now is the time I need to be out buying those school supplies.

OK, enough whining. My Jeep isn't nearly as bad of a problem as a lot of folks have. Hmmm... wouldn't it be great if some car company donated a SUV or truck for Backpacks for Pine Ridge? OK, dream on Amber. Thankfully my mechanic friend is not about to give up on it. He's determined to fix the thing. I hope he can.

Apologies to my Facebook friends who have heard about this way more than they ever wanted to.


Kansas Bob said...

Ann and I loved our 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.. bought it new, babied it and maintained it flawlessly. After 36k warranty was up it began to fall apart.. CD/radio broke, A/C broke, exhaust manifold cracked, wiring harness in driver's door broke.. sigh.. we got rid of it because we were afraid it would break down on long trips.. it turned out to be a money pit.. sad because like you we really loved that Jeep.

KrippledWarrior said...

Check the ballast resistor. Dodge has a notorious problem with that. Had similar problem on a 1982 Tradesman and 1999 Concorde. Worth a try.

Amber said...

Thanks! I'll pass the info on to the guy working on it.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hey....I think you hit on a good idea! Maybe JEEP would be willing to donate a new one to you, it would be great PR for them! Want me to work on that for you? Seriously I could at least TRY.