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Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Not Fair

I've said many times that I've learned that any time you attempt to "do something" that will have a positive impact on the lives of other people, that some people will bless you and some will curse you. I've also said that I try not to pay too much attention to either but just try to keep moving along doing what I believe I'm supposed to be doing. As I've attempted Pine Ridge trips and REZonate this year, I've received both blessing and cursing from people. This was without a doubt the worst year for me personally for the Pine Ridge trips. I won't say more than that, but believe me it was not an experience I would wish on anybody. I don't mean the trip itself but rather the ... well, enough said.

Then REZonate came along and, well ... it just isn't fair. I get the front page of 2 local newspapers. I get to be on the radio. I get the bands attention and the applause and the credit and the glory. Meanwhile, there is a whole crew of people who are knocking themselves out to make the event happen and they never get a single mention. No one is aware of what they do or the sacrifices they make.

After a long week of working to put it all together, Dennis then turned around and worked until 2 am after the event was over to get the sound put back together at church. Jess got a call that her husband was being moved to ICU and left the event to go be with him - and then came back to work the rest of the event. Brody took time off work during a very busy time to make sure equipment was there when it was needed. Jeff and Scot put in hours of work to make the bike ride happen and they did an excellent job! Organizing a bike ride is no small task - its at least as complicated as doing the concert itself. Paula put in countless hours sending out press releases and contacting media. Whitlock had a rather aggravating job of finding food vendors and getting them to commit. Then he worked sound a good part of the day as well. Brian puts hours of work in keeping records and lets a big portion of his house be taken over with "Pine Ridge stuff" all year. Tim made contacts and acted as the on site electronics wizard and photographer. The Hopewell Church of God allowed us to use tables and chairs and tents and then sent us a crew of volunteers to work most of the day. Ericka, Bailey, Logan, Josh, Brian, and probably some I'm missing were there from 7am - after it was all torn down that night. One man who wants to be anonymous dug deep to put in $2000 of his own money toward the stage rental and then came and worked all day. Brenda and Pam worked all day making sure the band members and bikers were well fed and had all the water they needed. Cathy and Charles worked all day manning the booth and doing security. And that's just the beginning. There are more ... many more. Not a bit of this would happen without those volunteers and all the others who came and gave all they could with no recognition at all. I know they don't do it for recognition. None of us do. Just wish I didn't get any either. It's not fair. It's really not.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

This post is so "you", and I mean that in a positive way. You are humble and generous and caring and therefore want everyone to share the accolades and thanks...but like you said, they didn't do it for recognition and LIKE IT OR NOT, this event is "your baby", you thought of it and started it and well, somebody has to be the spokesperson. Maybe next year when Bono is off tour he can be your official REZ spokesperson and let you step out of the limelight. I know he would LOVE this event and the purpose behind it. Dang, would that be cool to get them involved or what?