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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sometimes Sandbaggers Win

In a Demolition Derby, sandbagging is avoiding contact with other cars and refusing to be aggressive. They may pretend to have mechanical problems until the last two or three cars are running then their car will start running just fine and they become more aggressive. A sandbagger is the low-life of the derby. Nobody likes a sandbagger because they don't really play fair. If you have good officials and judges, they will be disqualified (get their stick broken) but if not, sometimes the sandbagger wins. Its disturbing when that happens because somewhere deep inside all of us, we want things to be fair. Life itself isn't very fair so maybe that's why we want our games to be. Maybe that's why we scream and shout and loose our voices when the officials fail to keep things on the up and up.

You guessed it, we went to the demolition derby at the county fair last night. It wasn't the best derby I've seen but it was fun to hang with the family doing a typical redneck thing for a while. Besides, the lemonade was fantastic. The lemonade and the horses are always worth the trip to the fair for me.

Left to right: Allison (my daughter-in-law), Cody (my oldest) and Logan (my youngest)

For some reason this reminds me of a bull

There was also a lawnmower demolition derby. Now that was fun. Dangerous, but fun. Sorry the pic didn't turn out very well.

Then I got bored and started taking pics of random things. This is one of the lights in the grandstands with bugs flying around it. No, Ohio bugs do not have that long of tails, it was the setting my camera was on.

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