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Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Can Learn a Lot Reading Gates

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It's been quite a week. Its been both a very GOOD week and a VERY difficult week. For those of you who prayed for me - THANK YOU! Believe me, I felt your prayers! I took Friday off to play a little and came acrosss this pic from our trip to Ireland. The words here still speak with wisdom and even though I remembered them at the week's end, they apply beautifully.

The text on the is very famous gate reads:

Everything You Know is Wrong

In the service of God one can learn three things from a child and seven from a thief. From a child one can learn 1) always be happy 2) never to sit idle 3) and cry for everything one wants. From a thief you should learn 1) to work at night 2) if one cannot gain it in one night to try again the next night 3) to love one's co-workers just as thieves love each other 4) to be willing to risk one's life even for a little thing 5) not to attach too much value to things even though you've risked your life for them just as a thief will resell a stolen article for a fraction of its worth 6) to withstand all kinds of beatings and tortures but to remain what you are and 7) to believe that your work is worthwhile and not be willing to change it.

Anybody want to guess who's gate this is??? :)


Kansas Bob said...

No clue on the gate.. I need to visit Ireland one day and find out :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... :)

Amber said...

Yep, Bono. :)