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Monday, September 07, 2009

I Have Been WOWed... Twice!

I've lived in Cincy off and on since I was 14 years old but have never been to Riverfest before. Until last night. All I have to say is ... WOW. I've come to the conclusion that you've never really seen the Riverfest fireworks unless you've seen them in person. There is just no comparison. We had great seats, right in front of the barge and next to the bridge where they do the "waterfall". It was truly awesome.

I was also surprised that the crowd was so well behaved. I didn't see a beer in the bunch - Riverfest has been "dry" for several years now and I'm sure that cuts down on all the misbehaving. Almost everyone was polite, friendly, and courteous.

I was also WOWed by 8KOunt, one of the bands that played at REZonate played at Riverfest last night. Of course I had to go ...and get as close to the stage as possible. :) They were AWESOME ...again.

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Michelle said...

I am glad you got to go and enjoyed it!