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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Need a RockStar

Last night was the follow-up meeting from REZonate. After a year of meetings the last thing any of us really wanted to do was have another meeting .... but .... we did need to decide if we want to go through this madness again and what we liked from this year and what we might do differently next year. We made it tolerable by having a cookout and inviting team member's families to come along too.

And so ... yes, I believe the verdict is that we will do this again next year. Amazing isn't it how you can torture people for a year and they come back for more. I AM kidding. Sort of. It is a LOT of work but yeah, I do believe it is worth it and I'm GRATEFUL that the team seems to think so too.

SO ... we've decided to dream BIG next year. We want a bigger name, which at this point and time seems pretty much impossible but there are a few of us who kind of thrive on doing the impossible so ya just never know what might happen.

SO ... does anybody know a big rock star? I'm in need of one.

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KrippledWarrior said...

I don't know any big names personally. But I have the e-mail address of the man who owns the Buffalo Chip campground. He books dozens of big names every august for the Sturgis, SD motorcycle rally.
Drop me a note if you want it.