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Monday, September 07, 2009

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

OK, so I'm blogging 3 times today. I guess I've got a lot on my mind and blogging is a way to express it.

I'm bugged about the Hammer thing. I've been thinking about what in the world can be done about that. I can't begin to tell you how bad I just want to jump in my car (not the Jeep) and drive out there and get him and bring him home. Of course, that's not practical. I'm not sure why it isn't but I'm told its not. I may have to test that to see if I can figure out why.

And right or not, this line of thinking about the kids and the ungodly things they go through gets me a bit ticked off.

I've recently been called into question again. Yeah, again. Its actually a pretty regular occurrence. It seems there are people who don't like that I book rock bands to play at REZonate. What a shame. Sometimes people ask me when the Christian bands are playing and I really have to resist the urge to tell them to come out when the non-Christian bands are playing and be nice to people and maybe, just maybe something good will happen. Holy huddles are OK I guess but there really not my thing. Some people worry that maybe one of the bands will use profanity. Now I'm not a big fan of profanity either but I'm not going to get all bent out of shape if somebody uses it. For one thing, people do use profanity. Even Christians do. I know, I've head them. But the real issue I have is that while profanity may not sound very good, there are things in this world that are truly profane and those are the things I get disturbed about. Things like 6 year old little boys living in cars and going hungry. What kind of world allows that? More importantly, what kind of Church allows that?

Did you know that the original meaning of the word "profane" means "outside the church" or "items not belonging in the church"? I don't know about you, but children living in those conditions within this "Christian" country seems pretty profane to me.

So I guess I'll keep doing what I feel like I am supposed to do. I've got to follow God the way He wants me to follow Him and not the way other people think I should follow Him. And yeah, that means booking rock bands at REZonate. Christian or non-Christian makes no difference to me. If we get people there and raise awareness and raise some money to give these kids what they need for school then good. If we can also let our light shine in a dark place while doing that, even better. Seems to me the world is a pretty dark place and they could stand to see the Church acting like The Church.


Blasé said...

I never ever cuss...never!

Hey, what's with posting 3x in one day!?!

Michelle said...

Well said Amber!

Kansas Bob said...

I loved this post Amber.. love your heart! Matter of fact I think that this is a great definition of what it means to live from your heart:

"I've got to follow God the way He wants me to follow Him and not the way other people think I should follow Him."

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I think I better keep my mouth shut on this post because it makes me want to cuss when I think of Christians that only want to live in their little Christian world and exclude all else. It seems counterproductive to what Jesus teaches if ya ask me. Of course you didn't ask me so I will stop now :)