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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

When the Music Stops

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love it because all my work is over. And I hate it because its all over. True, my work is done. No more need for long days and sleepless nights. True, I can rest and do some things I enjoy. But there is also the feeling that everyone has left the room and the music has stopped and its just me left with an empty room. There's a bit of sadness because I've met new people that I like and wonder if I'll see them again. And there is time. Time to do ... what?? Boredom is not a good thing for me. I don't deal with it well. At all. It may not be healthy to "keep drinking that coffee and keep going" like my friend says I do, but its a lot healthier for me than dealing with boredom.

This time last year I crashed. Hard. So I've taken some steps this year to deal with the boredom. I have things to do. Of course, I still am not completely finished with REZonate. There are still thank you notes to do and "Gift in Kind" forms to fill out and file, and there is still a lot of junk around my house that I need to move to storage. Its my hope to get all of that done this week. We'll see. I've been playing with the pics from REzonate too... seeing what kind of cool effects I can add. Rock bands and Harley's lend themselves well to that kind of thing.

Then I do have some things to look forward to. This weekend is Riverfest! It's the signature Cincinnati event and I always look forward to seeing it - on TV. For as long as I've lived here I've never seen the fireworks in person. There has just been no way I would fight that traffic. Not when they're on TV. But this year ... well ... this year my new favorite local band is playing there and I'd love to see them again so I'm heading to the river this Sunday and I can't wait to hear 8KOunt play again and to see those Rozzi fireworks up close and personal.

The weekend after this one, I'll head to Chicago to see U2 in concert! And in Oct. I'm skydiving. At some point I have a bathroom to strip wallpaper off of and paint and I have tulip bulbs to plant. So yeah, I have things to do. Maybe this year will be better. I guess I just don't like good-byes.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I think I misread this post, I thought I saw in there that you were skydiving???? HOLY HECK AMBER!

You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE U2! what date do you see them? for me its 10/25. We can compare notes.