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Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Were You?

I had grabbed a piece of leftover pizza for breakfast and sat down to watch Good Morning America before I left for class. I realized it was just after 9 am and wondered why GMA was still on when they began talking about a plane that had hit the World Trade Center. Brian was upstairs in his office so I ran up there to tell him a plane had hit one of the towers. He shrugged it off as probably just an accident that he didn't need to hear about and I returned to the TV with my pizza.

As Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson continued reporting I noticed a plane coming onto the screen and (wow, just typing that now makes me emotional) I figured it was a plane that was checking out the damage or something. My next through was that the plane was much to large for that and before I knew what I was seeing I watched the plane crash into the second tower. At that point I hollered for Brian and told him another plane had hit the Trade Center. He came down and we watched in stunned silence until I had to leave for class. Once at class I was told that The Pentagon had also been hit. We had class that day but everyone was unsettled, finding it difficult to concentrate on Human Physiology when we knew our country was under attack. After class Brian met me for coffee as we had planned. His first words to me were ... "All the rescue workers...the police and firefighters .... they're all gone". Gone? What did he mean gone?? "The towers collapsed on them", he explained.

We quickly found a TV on campus and watched more of the coverage, trying to figure out what was going on.

Reports indicated that some schools were dismissing early so I skipped my next class to come home in case my kids were sent home early, knowing they would be afraid and not wanting them to come home and be alone.

We will never forget that day or the people who died just doing what they do.

I believe that day is a big part of the reason my youngest son joined the Army and wants to be a police officer.

God bless all the brave men and women who protect and serve us all.


Cat said...

I was held in a conf. room at a hotel downtown Chicago because the traffic was so congested outside people had began evacuating to go home, the streets were not moving. The police asked us to stay inside for the time being, so I sat in that hotel lobby with dozens of strangers and watched after the first plane hit and while the second plane hit, watched as the buildings colapsed and shared tears with strangers I have never seen since.

Blasé said...

"U2"! 'Get Out Of Here'...no really, get out of here before you are late to the concert.

Enjoy it for me, too!


Gary Means said...

I was in my vanpool. It was a little after 6:00 and it was a beautiful sunny morning, just like today.

We had just pulled out of the garage when the driver turned on the radio. At that point only one plane had hit the towers. My first thought was terrorists. Then the second plane hit and there was no doubt.

I withdrew internally. I didn't want to deal with it. I put on my headphones, turned up the music and started reading a book.

As the day went on, every conference room and some offices had televisions on. I began watching, stunned. The most emotional time began the next day as we began to see the support from around the world.

A friend who was on meds for bipolar disorder was pushed beyond the limits of the meds. He left his wife and kids and became homeless again. I haven't seen or heard from him since. I suspect he's on the streets of Las Vegas or dead.

Michelle said...

I was working in a retirement community in Middletown, experiencing that day with senior citizens is something I will NEVER forget. They had stories of past wars, their own heartaches, and the overall feeling that they NEVER thought they would see us attacked on our own soil. I picked Lyss up from daycare and she was such a sweet distraction. I couldn't think of anywhere else I would have wanted to be on that awful day. What wisdom!!!