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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pink Parachutes

There weren't any pink parachutes today, but there should have been. Today three of my friends took the big jump and went skydiving for the first time. I went to watch and cheer them on. The original plan was for all six of us to jump yesterday but the weather wouldn't cooperate ... so ... three went today and the rest of us will go next Saturday morning.
Why on earth would we do this? Well, lots of reasons. I for one have always wanted to go skydiving but recently had a good reason to go do it. My friend Vicki is a pretty good reason.
Vicki is one amazing lady. She's smart. She's funny. She's courageous. And she's not the least bit self-centered. It wasn't all that long ago that Vicki got the bad news that she had breast cancer. And to make matters worse, the cancer was pretty advanced. In fact, if memory serves me right, she was told that it was as bad as it could be - that if there were a stage 6, she would be stage 6. Since then she has fought hard and is kicking some serious cancer butt.
You know, as I type this, I can't recall a single time when I've heard her complain. Chemo is NASTY stuff. Really nasty. I find it completely amazing that she hasn't made it known far and wide how awful she feels. She's been honest and has said when she didn't feel well but you really have to ask her about it - she doesn't complain. I don't remember a time when she's done anything at all to draw attention to herself or to gain sympathy from others. She just does what she has to do to take care of herself and she does it with an amazing sense of humor. I know that last year she was one of the first to sign up to volunteer at REZonte in spite of all she was going through herself - figures that the last person you would expect to come out and volunteer would be one of the first. But Vicki's like that. Nothing much stops this lady. When we first talked about going skydiving she said she wanted to go if she wasn't sick. Then she quickly added, "Oh I'll go even if I am sick. I'll just take my puke bag and go". Watching her go through this with the attitude she has just makes me sit back and say, WOW.
On Oct. 12th she'll go back in for more surgery. Before she went back, she wanted to skydive and so a few of us decided to jump with her. My only regret is that we all couldn't do it together. Here's some pics from this morning. As you look at them, send up a prayer for Vicki!

Bev and Vicki suiting up!

Sherri suiting up

Ya gotta have attitude to gain altitude!

Never read the back of the jump suit before you jump!

And there they go ...

Vicki landing

Sherri and Vicki after the jump

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Michelle said...

Truer words were never typed! I feel so blessed to call her FRIEND! I am always amazed at her strength and class as she fights this battle. Was thrilled to be a part of her day today!