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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This and That

Just some things going on at our house ...

Two weeks from today Logan leaves for Basic Training. I dread it. He's started boxing up all of his stuff and preparing to move out. I don't mind so much the moving out part, but I sure wish it were under different circumstances. When our oldest moved out it was because he got married. Although I knew I'd miss him and knew our relationship would change, it was still a happy occasion. This one, not so much. I SO wish he were moving out because he was going to college, or getting married, or just getting a job and could support himself. Anything but the military. Not being able to talk to him for several weeks will be tough. No phone calls, no text, no Facebook. What's a mom to do? Accept it I guess. And then get busy rebuilding his bathroom. :)

Cody and Allison had another sonogram yesterday and saw the twins. We still don't know if they are boys or girls or one of each. What we do know is that they are healthy. One was jumping all over the place and the other kept swatting him/her as if to say, "knock it off I'm trying to sleep". Maybe by Dec. we'll know if we're shopping for pink or blue.

Tomorrow Gunner, our mutt that moved into the backyard and decided to stay is going to have a really bad day. He's getting neutered. Poor baby. Its a good thing dogs don't know all this ahead of time or he would be a mess. Its also a good thing I don't have to watch his panic tomorrow (at last not for long) or I'd be a mess too. By this time tomorrow he'll be back home and wondering what happened to him. No doubt he'll get lots of love and attention and babying. That's pretty much standard fare for him anyway.

My friend Vicki is home from the hospital. I made dinner for them tonight and had Brian drop it off. No one was at home so he left it on the porch. I hope a dog or cat doesn't get into it. I wonder where she was? Earlier today I heard that she was in a LOT of pain so I hope she didn't have to make a run back to the hospital.

My tooth is messed up. Three weeks ago I went in to have a broken tooth fixed. They had trouble getting me numb. After two tries of the strongest stuff they have I was numb enough that I didn't both to tell them I could still feel it when they drilled. At that point I just wanted it over with. Well don't ya know ... it also seems the gold crown I've had on it now has some decay under it. Last week I went in to have the old crown removed and a temporary one put on. It is driving me CRAZY! It feels like a wad of gum stuck over my tooth. Except that now it feels like its sliding over my tooth. Yeah, I'm pretty sure part of the tooth is now exposed. I think that's a bad thing. I'm supposed to get the permanent one on next Tues. I'm debating whether to wait till Tuesday or call them tomorrow. I'm SO tired of the dentist.

Tomorrow's another day ... still wrapping up some Rezonate stuff and dropping off some things to The Community Foundation.... and maybe calling the dentist. Life goes on ...

*Pictured: Logan (top), Vicki giving me a "victory hug" after I landed (bottom). I'd say we looked so "top gun" but I don't think the top gun guys hugged too much.

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Kansas Bob said...

Watching your son go into the Army is difficult.. it stretched me in so many ways. That first year when he was in Iraq tried me.. it was hard.. I felt so helpless.. all I could do was pray.. and really that is all any of us can do for our grown children.

My son's second year-long tour of Iraq was a better one for me.. I had a peace about it.. fear didn't seem to dominate my thinking when I thought of him. And he did come home.. and I am thankful for that.

My prayer is that you and Brian would experience that peace Amber.. and that angels will encamp around Logan.