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Saturday, November 14, 2009

If There is an Upside ...

I wasn't going to tell anyone. Actually, I had hoped it would just "go away" on its own, but after 6 months of aggravation I decided maybe it was time to see a doctor. Duh! I know, I know ...I'm terrible about going to see any doctor. I generally have to be absolutely and completely convinced that there is no getting better without a doctor's help before I will finally break down and go. The thing is, I don't have time for this. I simply don't have time to deal with ill heath. No time for doctor visits, no time for the treatment, and I can't STAND for people to fuss over me. Last time I went to a doctor I got chewed out pretty good for not getting regular exams - especially since both of my parents have had cancer. "Are you just stupid or what?" were his exact words. You might say.

BUT, this week it was time.

And I must say ... I am SO IMPRESSED with the doctors I'm seeing. After checking my insurance to see who was covered I made the appointment and yesterday I went in to Beacon Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. All I have to say is WOW .... these folks are SO efficient, SO friendly, and SO good at what they do.

I literally walked two doors down the hall from the exam room to get X-rays and then after seeing the doctor was walked by the Physician Assistant across the hall to get an appointment for an MRI.

Turns out, as I expected, I have a bone spur and a torn rotator cuff. The MRI will tell more about it and then we'll decide what direction to take. The doc just looked at me like I was a bit crazy when he found out it had been going on for 6 months. I didn't tell him I went skydiving with this injury.

Then this morning I was laying on the couch watching the morning news. The sports segment was on and since I could care less about Who Dey or the Reds or any other team in Cincy, I was doing my best to ignore it ... until I heard a familiar name - Dr. Kremcheck. Everyone in Cincy knows him because he's as famous as his patients are. He isn't my doc but one of his partners is and Beacon is his group. (My doc used to work with the Pittsburgh Steelers so I'm thinking I'm in very good hands.) Dr. Kremcheck was on the news this morning talking about the new PT room at Beacon Springdale (where I'll likely be going) and talking about how its intense one-on-one treatment particularly for people with rotator cuff injuries or knee replacements. Apparently its not uncommon for their more famous patients, professional athletes, to be there and that they all walk around talking to the other patients there, check out scars and such. He said you just never know who you'll run into there. Hmm... I'm thinking that if some pro athlete walks up to talk to me during PT I will probably offend the heck out of him because I won't know them from Adam. I used to be a big baseball fan, had all the baseball cards and the whole deal but ... well, don't get me started about what has ruined baseball.

So while I'm not looking forward to the time I'm probably going to have to put in to get better, if there is an upside its definitely that I've got access to some really, really good doctors.


Blasé said...

hmm, a hard-headed associate's pastor's wife.

Well, at least you are finally submitting to what you need to do. Seems the future for your problem is bright, after all. Go for it!

Kansas Bob said...

I saw the doc yesterday too.. I go for PT next week.. and I haven't even been flying through the air :)

KrippledWarrior@gmail.com said...

Beware the Physical Terrorists. Just kidding. Get well soon.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Glad you finally went!!!! I hope that things go well and that there are lots of gorgeous athletes around to keep you company during PT. (Oh wait, your married - just give them all my number if they are over 30 - ha)

Hence72 said...

great post