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Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'm a Real Biker Now!

I must be a real biker now. I went to church this morning and a good friend gave me this beauty because she was out shopping, saw it, and thought of me! (insert big grin)

I love it! I've got a place on top of my desk all picked out for it so I can see it often. Its actually sitting next to another bike that a friend saw and "thought of me". Hmm ... do you see a pattern here??

Then, not five minutes later, a little girl who's daddy is the Vice President of the Teamsters Motorcycle Association here in Cincy passed me in the hallway and said, "Hey Amber, are you going to be at the TMA meeting today?" Ha! She must think I'm really a biker or something (I did go to a few of their meetings when we were working on REZonate and the TMA did our charity bike ride for us. Too funny though...

Unfortunately I am not a real biker. I only dream of Harleys. When I get a few thousand extra bucks I'll buy one though, you wait and see. Until then, I'm just a wannabe.

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KrippledWarrior said...

Biker is a mind set and a lifestyle. Not an ownership situation. There are thousands of HD owners who are and always will be wannabes. Before you buy the big hog, take and pass an AMA safe rider course first. We wouldn't want ya to become a hood ornament. And if someone asks if you're a biker; flash em your tattoo.
Keep it between the ditches and yer knees.