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Monday, December 21, 2009

I Don't Want To Scare You But ....

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that line lately, I could probably go buy a new Jeep. I've got about a week before what by all accounts is a really bad time. So, I'm getting ready. Actually I don't mind when people tell me their experiences with rotator cuff surgery. I like hearing it. It doesn't scare me - just the opposite. I feel better if I have a vague idea of what's ahead. I realize everybody's injury is different, everybody's surgery is different, and everybody's experience is different, but knowing in general what to expect makes for less anxiety for me.

Since this began I've been all over the place. I've gone from "I don't want anybody to know until its all over" to "hmm... maybe I should make a video blog of the whole experience". My reasons for not wanting to tell others were simple - I don't like being fussed over. And I like my privacy when it comes to certain things. I think maybe because I live a lot of my life in public I like to keep some things private - like surgery when I feel and look and probably act my worst. The last thing in the world I want is people coming to "pray me in". Its nothing personal. I just will have less stress if there aren't people there. For that reason I wasn't going to tell anyone. BUT ... then I thought there would be a handful of people who might be hurt by that. And then I'd have to deal with their hurt feelings. SO ... I decided I'd just tell people and hope they respect my wishes. Either way I'll have to deal with people - this way seems to be the less troubling way for them and hopefully for me.

Then as things get closer I've been doing research about what to expect, and since I do live pretty much in the open, I thought maybe doing a video blog might help someone else who's facing this to know what to expect. Maybe I'd share some tips - like how in the world do you get dressed with this massive sling? You know, just stuff that might be helpful to somebody. I've still not decided whether I'll do that or not ... but its a thought.

So, I've got about a week. There are two things I would really like to take care of before surgery. I want to get my freezer full of some meals since I wont' be able to cook for while and even when I am feeling better I'll only have one arm to use. I have no idea how I'll cook with one arm but I'm guessing I'll come up with some creative ideas. Apparently I'll be in that sling for 6 weeks.

The other thing, and I'm seriously doubting this will happen - I'd like to get a new Jeep. Not a brand new one, mind you - those start out at about 25k. But my current Jeep has become a problem. Earlier in the year it gave me fits. We replaced part after part (it should be almost new by now) before we finally found that the little bitty part that was causing all the trouble was the air intake control valve ( or some such thing ). Our GOOD friend replaced that for us and she ran fine for a few months. Last week, it died again. Guess what, that same stupid little part went out again. So, its a '99 Jeep with 90k miles on it and I'm going to have to get rid of it at some point anyway, so may as well get rid of it while its still worth something and get a different one. Its really not a good time to do that but is it ever?

Some people think I'm crazy to get another Jeep. Yeah maybe, but I LOVE my Jeep. Love it! Other than my '67 Mustang its the only vehicle I've ever had that I truly LOVE. It'll go anywhere, snow isn't a problem at all (I used to park it in big snow piles just to have fun). I can see everything I need to see, unlike most cars that sit so high in the back you can't see out of the back window. My Jeep will turn on a dime too. The maneuverability is awesome. I can take the backseat out and haul cargo (backpacks and school supplies), or I can put the backseat in if I have to take the twins somewhere. And of course, I can take the top off if I just want to have fun.

Ideally, I'll get it back in the next day or so and then can sell it on Craigslist and then go buy another so that's one less thing to deal with when I recover. I won't be able to drive for a while after surgery so test driving won't be an option for me. With Christmas and all though, I doubt I'll get this all taken care of before surgery. Maybe the best I can do is go shopping and pick out a few and then while I recover, let Brian do the dealing.


Anonymous said...

You said "there would be a handful of people who might be hurt by that. And then I'd have to deal with their hurt feelings. SO"

I have fought with that issue a lot. I know you feel you did the right thing by telling them, and in your case you may have. I just know when I have done that...I still get EVERYONE there...they feel better about it but I have surrendered my true wishes and I feel bad because all I want is to be left alone...Make since?

Mom and my Bro both had that surgery. yes the big sling is an inconvenience, but it will be worth it in the end...Good luck. I'll be thinking about you but I promise I won't be there bugging you.

Kansas Bob said...

With a used SUV I usually make sure that it does not have a trailer hitch.. people haul some pretty heavy things and it can sometimes do some damage to the transmission.

With a used Wrangler I think you might have to be concerned about some of the crazy off-roading people do.. hard on the chassis, suspension and other things.

Prayers that the surgery is a flawless one Amber and recovery is faster and easier than you expect.

Christmas blessings,