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Monday, December 14, 2009

Mamma Said There Would Be Days Like This

Life is good - generally speaking. We've got it way better than a lot of folks. But, lately things are not going great for us. Its one of those times when no matter if you do try your darnedest, you just can't catch a break.

I wont talk about the other folks in my family who are having troubles but trust me, they're having them in a big way. I will tell you about mine though.

Yesterday I tore up my shoulder - again. I am scheduled for surgery and though I'm not looking forward to it, I'll be really, REALLY glad to get on with it and begin to put this behind me. Yesterday afternoon I was walking up the stairs - the dogs were going up with me and they were excited because we'd just come home. Somewhere amongst the 10 legs on the stairs I lost my balance and instinctively stuck out my arm to grab hold of the banister to catch my fall. OUCH. I shouldn't have done that. It ripped. I was instantly nauseous and got very dizzy and thought I might pass out. Live and learn, eh? Ice helps. Surgery will help more. Bring it ON already!

Today I went out to do some grocery shopping. I made it all the way to the next street when I noticed my Jeep wasn't sounding real good. It sounded a lot like it did this summer when we sank $1000 into it to keep it up and running. I decided to turn around and go back home before getting out on the highway when, just about then it died. Right in the middle of the street. Now the last thing I probably should be doing is pushing a dead Jeep, but ... what else are you going to do? So I put it in Neutral, got out and began pushing. An old man came out to help. I had my doubts that he'd be able to push it, but he did. Eventually I got it home my not taking my foot off of the accelerator until I was home. That was a ride and a half. No stopping or slowing down at stop signs. Thankfully it was just 2 streets with no traffic.

While I was making that crazy drive home my cell rang. No, I didn't answer it. It was my son who later told me that he bought a bogus gift card on Craigslist. Even though he met the person selling it at the store and went in the store to have the value verified, by the time he got to the checkout they had sucked all of the value off the card. NEVER buy a gift card on Craigslist. Its a scam - even if the store verifies the value is what they've told you it is. They have another code and can spend it before you get the stuff in your cart and get to the checkout. And of course, the police say there's nothing they can do.

So, I'm still sitting here with a sore shoulder and no Jeep.

Brian is outside reinforcing our fence. Gunner, our beloved dog has taken to climbing the fence. He doesn't do it to run away. He just likes to go visit the neighbor dog and he comes right back when we call him. Thankfully, we have a great neighbor who doesn't mind, but we figure if he can climb the fence on that side of the house, he can climb it on other sides too and the neighbor across the street isn't so nice. I think he might own a gun and he has a very bad temper. He used to stand in the street waving his arms with a red face and swearing like the jerk he is because one of my son's baseballs ROLLED into his yard. This is the man who actually told us to stay off his property even if he is laying in the yard having a heart attack. OK. Suit yourself. So anyway, we don't want to find out what this idiot might do to Gunner should Gunner should wander into his yard and say, take a leak. So Brian is out there raising the fence another foot and building a "shelf" into it that Gunner will hit his head on if he tries to jump over or climb over.
Pretty isn't it. I'm guessing this means that next Spring I'll be planting some big bushes in front of our version of doggie Alcatraz. (by the way, the lovely cement blocks around the bottom are to keep him from digging under the fence) Good thing he's adorable or he might be looking for a new home.
So, this too shall pass. And then there will probably be another problem. But good things will come around too. Eventually. Because life is neither all bad or all good.

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Blasé said...

Life sucks.. ;)

You are supposed to be taking CARE of your arm...