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Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Best Gift

I know this is Christmas Eve and I should post something about Christmas I suppose, but instead, I'm going to post about my best gift. No, its not the Jeep.

This year and for the past 26 years, my best gift has been my husband Brian. I know, that sounds really sappy and believe me, I'm not the sappy type at all, but this week he has gone WAAAYYYYY out of his way ... for me. I've heard him tell people that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the Church and be willing to die for her so if being married is killing them, good. Well, its all about killed Brian this week.

This week Brian has put in hours ... long .... cold.... back-breaking ....hours building and reinforcing the fence to keep Gunner in our yard and out of the neighbor's yard. He has done that for the neighbors, who, although they haven't complained - yet, surely do not appreciate our dog being in their yard. He has done this for Gunner too so that he doesn't get into the street and get hit by a car, because think what you will, last night he was curled up on the couch with Gunner mumbling something about "daddy's baby". But mostly I think he has done it for me. He knows he'd have to deal with a very distraught wife if we lost Gunner.

Then, when that was all over, Brian took the past 3 days and the better part of two, to drive all over Cincinnati, haggle with dealer after dealer, and finally paid more than he meant to for a Jeep for me - just so I can have reliable transportation and be happy driving what I'm driving. We've driven a lot of Jeeps and talked to a lot of dealers, some nice, some not so nice, some willing to deal, most not. We were even test driving one Jeep when we along with the salesman witnessed a wreck. We stopped (not that we had a choice, we were very nearly involved in the wreck when the car spun toward us), prayed with the lady who was injured, gave our statements to the police, and then went on for the rest of the test drive. In the end, they wouldn't budge on their overpriced Jeep so we traveled on.

Finally to his delight and mine, he was able to haggle a pretty good deal ... we got this baby, an '08 Jeep Sahara in grey-blue with 27k miles for less than the blue book value of it.

Its fabulous! I love it. Its a nice gift under my tree this year - even though its not really a Christmas gift. But the real gift is Brian. Check out his brand new web site if you want to get to know him a bit more. http://www.brianburiff.com/


HennHouse said...

Wow. 26 years. You are entitled to be a bit sappy..

Love your new ride!

Merry Christmas, Amber.

Michelle said...

I don't think sappy at all, but then again I think he's pretty remarkable and the two of you are a great pair! Proud to be part of your journey!