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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


today was the day i had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. thanks to all of you who prayed for me, and thanks too for respecting my wishes for no visitors. i appreciate your care but really wanted to do this with some degree of privacy - although those gowns do not afford too much of that.

i am home and very grateful for the nerve block that has my shoulder and arm totally numb - i know i'm in for a lot of pain when that wears off later tonight. i am also bundled up in a crazy get-up and also have a sling that resembles half of a straight jacket - i guess i'm only half crazy afterall.

surgery went well as far as i know - i slept through it. after nurse rachett finally got the iv in the happy meds were great - made me feel drunk and gave me the hiccups

tomorrow i go back to the doc and then begin the long and brutal process of physical therapy - that will be the really hard part.

also thankful for brian who is sleeping om the floor in the living room so he can be available to help me during the night.

i have some good pain meds and a lot of them andd am glad for that. my doc is one of the best - they work in pro athletes so i'm in good hands. recovery for this is long and i'll be in this contraption for about 6 weeks but i should be better and have 2 arms ready to hold the twins by the time they arrive.

not sure if i will blog or facebook more - tonight it is easier to do that with a little window of pain-free time


Blasé said...

You get well and keep taking those drugs. Ain't they a blessing from heaven!?

Kansas Bob said...

Happy New Years to you and Brian! Hope the recovery is faster than predicted.

Barbara aka Layla said...

Hey save that outfit for next Halloween....

I am so glad you made it through the surgery and are on the road to recovery. Hope you don't have too much pain.

Happy New Year to you and Pastor B :)

Amber said...

Thanks! That is such a lovely look isn't it. Saving it for Halloween ... now there's an idea!