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Friday, December 18, 2009

Wanderers Never Cease

Wanderers ... not wonders.
For the past 3 days Brian has been working hard at reinforcing the fence around the back yard to ensure that Gunner doesn't jump or climb over the fence anymore. It was a cold job. It was a hard job. For three days he worked on it and finally finished up last night just before dinner. We let the dogs out and sat down to eat. And within minutes Gunner was in the neighbor's yard. Somehow he managed to get under the fence. We thought we had that problem taken care of by placing lovely cinder blocks all around the base of the fence, but apparently with the over-the-fence option taken away from him, Gunner just worked a new way under.

Needless to say, Brian was exasperated, physically and mentally exhausted. He sat on the couch with a cup of coffee and shut his eyes. I think he was praying ... or maybe begging God to keep Gunner in our yard. He opened his eyes and Gunner was happily sitting on his lap drinking his coffee.

Gotta love that dog.

This morning I was at the grocery store and saw one of our neighbors. She just said, "hey" and laughed. She is all too aware of the trouble with Gunner.

Good thing he's a lovable dog.

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