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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Burning It

So, its my 4th time at the gym and I've noticed a few things ...

  1. Most people there look pretty average - they're not really the body builder type with the exception of a few. The younger women are the ones that try to kill themselves on the treadmill, the younger guys grunt the loudest so that the younger girls on the treadmills will take notice of them.
  2. Everyone there seems to know me even though I've never seen them before in my life. They even know things about me - like that I'm expecting twin grandbabies. Its' the "that's Brian's wife" thing. He must talk about me a lot ... which makes me wonder ... how many women are hitting on him there for him to make it known far and wide that he's married?
  3. Apparently you need a goal to make progress. I wanted to build muscle because muscle burns more calories than fat does, but my husband thinks I should focus more on burning fat ... Hmmmmm ... Don't be too hard on him - he's right and the truth hurts but its still the truth.
  4. Most people seem to be kinda amazed that I'm there ... they see the sling and say lots of things ... like, "well at least I'm in better shape than you are", or "hey dude, that lady with the sling is kicking your butt".
  5. The thigh machine is evil. Nuff said.

As for Physical Therapy ... its ever bit as horrible as you've heard. All I know is, I'd better get a new body out of all this or I'm going to be really ticked.

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Barbara aka Layla said...

By building muscle you will be burning fat, so you are both right...some weights some treadmill and you'll be modeling bikinis in no time.

Brian is a hottie, I'm not surprised if the ladies try to flirt but its good to know he's up front - just like you are, you get hit on quite often yourself!!!