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Monday, January 04, 2010

Something I've Never Done Before

I'm doing something I've never done before - ever.

I'm reading one of my husband's books. It might surprise you but I've not read all of his books. Of the four books he has written, I've read one of them, Beyond The Passion, and the reason I did that was because he wanted my feedback before it went to the publisher. I've seen him teach from Revelations To Go and found it pretty amazing that somebody could make the book of Revelation into a life application but then, that's Brian. He has always said if the bible can't be applied to life, what good is it? I agree.

But those are not the books I'm reading. I'm reading the devotional book he did called Serenity For the Soul. Cheesy title, I know. I'm not reading it because my husband wrote it. If that were the case I would have read it years ago when he published it. I'm reading it because it offers a reading plan that will take me through the bible in a year. I'm not sure I've ever read through the bible in a year before. I've read the bible and I'm sure I've read every part of it before - just not in a year. There are lots of plans out there but this plan seems to be as good as any.

Now lest anyone think that I have something against my husband's teaching, let me be clear. I don't. He's actually one of the best for being able to dig out obsure things in the bible and present them in a way that makes sense for in everyday life. I've been in church now for 36 years and I've heard about every take of every scripture you can imagine, but I've gotta say, Brian still surprises me. I can still walk away from his most of his messages with something to think about.

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Blasé said...

Sounds like Brian has got it going ON!

I've read through the entire Bible several times, many of the individual books/letters many many times. One year I read (slowly and meditated) through the entire Bible twice in 9 months.

Curious, how does Rick Warren pay his bills? Does he work a full-time job outside of pastoring?