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Friday, February 05, 2010

Its All About ME!

Yeah, this post is probably more than anyone wants to know about me and where I'm at physically, but for the record ....

I'm doing well. Its 5 1/2 weeks post surgery and I have pretty good range of motion. The pain is less too. Sleeping still presents a HUGE problem. Its not that I can't go to sleep, its that pain won't let me stay there. For some reason it hurts a lot more at night than other times. Here's a typical night for me.

Lay down but have trouble getting comfortable. With the help of a heating pad I get comfortable enough to drift off. Somewhere in that state between being awake and asleep I have an awareness of tossing and turning and an awareness of being uncomfortable. At some point I wake up with "OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, that really hurts now". I try to deal with it by tossing and turning some more and then decide to get up because I can't sleep and its got to be morning by now. I get up, look at the clock and its only an hour or two since I went to bed. I grab an ice pack and head back to bed to repeat the process. Some nights I give up around 2 or 3 am and take a percocet. Even on those nights I wake up in the morning with pain.

Once I'm up the pain lessens - on most days. Some days I have no pain at all and others I feel a general ache and others there is more of a twinging pain.

I don't understand it. But I deal with it. Discouraging.

I am still in Physical Therapy and I still take an anti-inflammatory twice a day per doctor orders. I still have plenty of percocet too for those times when I need it. I don't take it often - always one before PT and maybe one on those nights when I can't take it anymore. If I took it as prescribed I would be taking it every 4-6 hours. Sometimes I go a couple of days with none.

I'm at the gym 6 days a week. I'm still not permitted to do any upper body work or run. So about the only thing I can do is 4 leg machines and ride the bike. Sometimes I do the elliptical without the arm motions. I like to think I'm progressing as far as fitness goes because when I started I could barely ride the bike for 20 min. Now I aim for 40-45 min of more intense cardio. I DESPISE cardio but sometimes you have to stop whining and just do it anyway. In spite of it all, I've yet to lose even one pound. Discouraging.

I can't complain, but I do sometimes. All in all I don't think I'm doing all that bad for 5 weeks post surgery but being somebody who thinks they should be able to do more, I do get discouraged. I mean really, it was just a stupid shoulder ... how hard can it be. Pretty hard actually.

Now I'm sure I'm supposed to be learning some lesson from this about patience, self-acceptance, or endurance or some such thing ... I'm just not all that sure I'm listening.

BTW ... I recommend Pure Protein bars. They pack 20 grams of protein, 180 calories, 4 grams fat and only 2 grams of sugar and they taste good! They could almost pass for a candy bar ... almost.

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Kansas Bob said...

"sometimes you have to stop whining and just do it anyway"

Ouch! I prefer whining thank you :)

Hope recovery comes quickly Amber and that sleep is better.