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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shoulder Surgery 6 Weeks Out

Well, just when I decide that the more I blog the less people want to hear what I've got to say, a reader emailed me to encourage me to keep blogging about my shoulder surgery. If anything I've shared helped someone - great - that was my hope and reason for sharing.

So, here I am 6 weeks out from the surgery and doing fairly well. They said it would be a 6 week recovery period. They lied. I'm still a long way from "normal".

I have a Dr. appointment on Monday so we'll see what he says but as far as I'm concerned, I'm finished. I'm ready to get on with life and leave this behind. My shoulder may have other ideas though.

My complaints are:
  • I'm still not sleeping well at night and still have considerable pain during the night.
  • PT is generally good but there is one therapist who is brutal and always sets me back a few days after she works on me. I would say she couldn't touch me anymore except that I'm not sure if she's their best or worst. It all hurts but she hurts more and I don't have the ROM for a day or two afterwards that I otherwise have. Maybe that's how its supposed to work??
  • I'm ready to lift more weight - right now I'm at all of 3 lbs. Pretty sad, eh? I'm ready to do some running too. They say it takes bone 6 weeks to heal so I'm thinking I may be ready?

The good news is:

  • I can move MUCH further than I could before surgery.
  • I'm off pain meds for the most part. The only time I take them now is before a PT session. I REFUSE to go to PT without pain meds.

So I suppose it was worth it although I'd have to think long and hard before going through this again. Its not been easy. Who would have thought a stupid shoulder could cause so much grief?? Its been frustrating too, I'd love to go skiing or even sledding but that will have to wait till next year - don't want to chance a fall on my shoulder and have to start all over again. I feel OK with it as it is but think with time and work I can get more ROM. I hope so anyway. If not, I can live with it but it would be great to be back to "normal".


Kansas Bob said...

Hoping with you for "normal" Amber!

KrippledWarrior said...

You inspire me. Shoulders and all. I'll try to say it nicer in future.