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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Simple Things

Chris, over at Enchanted Oak has issued a challenge to all bloggers. For every blogger who posts a list of the simple things that make them happy, she will donate $2.00 to Heartline Ministries in Haiti. Here are the rules from her blog:

Post your piece this weekend and include a link to my blog. Then pop in here to say you’ve posted your “Simple Things.” Post by midnight, Pacific time, Sunday and don’t forget to link with me and notify me that you’ve posted. You can borrow the “Simple Things” photo. If you don’t have a blog, a comment on my blog will count too if you tell me so.

Here are some simple things that make me happy:

  • snuggling with my dogs
  • a good hot cup of coffee
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • talking with my husband
  • music
  • a fire in the fireplace
  • a good book

Thanks to Bob for the head's up on this one.


Enchanted Oak said...

Amber, I am so glad you posted this today so that I could meet you. Next time you go to my blog, check my Wounded Knee entry (look for the labels). I'm thrilled to know you have mission work there, a place of such painful significance. You sound like a truly blessed person, and thank you for being part of my day.
Chris at Enchanted Oak

Kansas Bob said...

Being with a spouse, sipping some coffee, and listening to music.. I resonate with those.. and I love a night with the fireplace roaring.

Barbara aka Layla said...

Nice list, Amber!! I want a spouse to sip coffee and have a fire with!

オテモヤン said...