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Thursday, February 04, 2010

What a Day!

Its been quite a day. Things have been happening fast and furious. That's a good thing. Me? I'm just trying to hang on and hang in and keep up with the flurry of activity and ideas.

Me and another team member started off the day meeting with 2 people from the mission's team from another area church. They are hoping to take a group to the village of Allen (where we always go) on the Pine Ridge Reservation this summer too and we've been in conversation with them for a while now. They hope to go either the week before our group goes or the week after so that our two groups can work back-to-back on a rather large work project.

You see, there's this hole.

Its a big horseshoe shaped hole that has eroded and continues to erode right next to the church building in Allen. Every year it gets bigger and if something isn't done with it soon, it will become the hole that ate the church building.

Its also safety hazard for the kids because of course, its "off limits" because its dangerous and both of those qualities make it irresistible to kids.

So, the plan is to use the shape of the hole that God has already started for us there and make it into an amphitheater that will be used as a multi-purpose structure. This will prevent it from further erosion, save the church building from damage, and provide a great place for all sorts of gatherings. It will also keep the kiddos safe when they play on the playground. And we're also hoping to somehow make a storm shelter in it as well because when they have tornadoes there is simply nowhere to go and many of the people live in trailers which we all know are the first targets of tornadoes.

This will all take a lot of time and money and hard work and its really cool that we have two area churches willing to work together on it. That in and of itself is quite miraculous. If the day would have ended there it would have been a good day.

But there was more.

We had our second team meeting tonight and I think it went really well. We have all kinds of crazy ideas about things to do with the kids and from the sounds of the banter and laughter in the room, it just might be a really fun trip as well as a productive one.

Then I had my third meeting of the day. Me and a team member met to discuss the possibility of a 5k run to benefit Backpacks For Pine Ridge. So far, its looking GOOD! I hope to have some info to share soon.

Its been a good day.

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