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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Introducing ...

Elijah Cody and Owen Robert. Elijah was born at 11:50 pm on March 12 and weighed 5 lb. 11 oz.

Owen was born at 12:04 am, March 13 and weighed 4 lb. 15 oz.

Twins with different birthdays! Both are beautiful and perfect and the most amazing grandchildren in the world. Yes, I've fallen in love with both. Elijah is in the NicU because he is breathing too rapidly. He needs your prayers so he can get better and go upstairs to be with his brother, Mommy and Daddy. It seems cruel for a little guy who's never been alone and has gone through the traumatic experience of being born to be put off by himself. Safer yes, but it still seems cruel. And if this grandma had her way she'd camp out by his bed till he could go upstairs.

This is Owen. He likes to make faces ... so do I

This is Elijah. He likes holding hands. The hospital wont let us hold him but that doesn't stop us from connecting.

Doesn't he look like a proud Grandpa

Now I guess I really need to figure out what I want them to call me. I'm leaning toward "Bamma" (my nickname used to start with a "B" ... no, not that B word and little kids can't often say they're "R's" well), or maybe "Nana". I'm still not sure. Franky at this point they could call me whatever they wanted and get away with it.


Kansas Bob said...

Congrats Grandma! So cool that they have different birthdays. Prayers for Elijah.

Barbara said...

Hey Nana! Those are two precious bundles of joy. I loved the looks on Brian's face, a very proud and thrilled grandpa. TWO babies at once! you will have such a wonderful time. Congrats to the Burrif family on the two new additions!!!!