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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Christian "Entertainment"??

OK so I know Christians can be quite entertaining ... for all the wrong reasons. I'm aware that there are those out there who do the most ridiculous things in the name of Christ and make us all look like idiots. All I can do is hope and pray that people don't judge all Christians by the actions of some. But I'm not talking about that kind of entertainment. I'm talking about the kind of entertainment that is purposeful.

If you know me, then you know I have some issues with Christian media. :) But believe it or not, today I was thinking about it and for the first time the term "Christian Entertainment" stuck me as ... well ... odd. Is that in the Bible? I'm not recalling anywhere in the Bible where the kind of Christian entertainment we have today showed up. I might be wrong. I'm no biblical scholar so I will stand corrected if need be.

Sometimes, most of the time in fact, I think Christian entertainment gets passed off as ministry. And it is ministry. Make no mistake about it. God can and does work through those venues. God's been known to speak through asses so I suspect He can use about any form of vessel or venue to get a message across. But folks it is also entertainment. In fact, I'm convinced that a lot of people go to see these shows for the entertainment value. Nothing wrong with that. Good family entertainment is a good thing. But then why call it ministry??

Don't misunderstand me now .... I'm not bashing Christian entertainers whether they be musicians or authors or preachers. I'm not saying its wrong to go to Christian concerts (you may see me at a few) or that its wrong to listen to Christian music (sometimes I do too) or read Christian books (you might see me reading one sometime). I'm just thinking ... just asking the question ... where did this all come from? And why? And who profits? And is it even biblical?

Give me your thoughts.


Kansas Bob said...

Now don't get me wrong.. before I retired I was a paid member of the pastoral staff.. but didn't a lot of this entertainment stuff start when "ministry" became a paid profession?

Anonymous said...

I think in Bible times there was no such thing as "entertainment" as it exists today whether it be secular or religious. So you can't compare with today.
My beef with Christian entertainment is twofold: often it is simply ripping off something that was quite original in the secular world.
And it can be too preachy. Preachiness is not, by the way, limited to Christian media. It can also be in stuff created by the PC crowd to impart their values to kids. The message comes before the story. You know what I mean: some lame cartoon created solely to stop kids from hitting each other or something.
Instead of something being a good story first that happens to also reveal where the author is coming from.
I don't have a problem with Christian entertainment if it's quality stuff. But usually it's not and that makes me cringe.