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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things I Didn't Understand Before I Became a Grandmother

I sit here alone in the house tonight while a storm brews outside. I hear that we're to expect strong winds and possible tornadoes tonight and my thoughts are immediately turned to my grandbabies. Will they be safe? There are so many big windows in their room. What if a tree limb blows through the window? Are the storm warning al
arms near enough to their house that their parents will hear them? In my rational mind I'm aware even as the thoughts pass just how ridiculeous they are.

My son and his wife live quite literally across the street from a fire station. They have a basement ... a basement with a room under the front porch, no less. They are in all likelihood, two of the safest babies in the entire city. And yet I find myself wondering if I should call them in the night if a moble alert is sent to my phone telling me that a tornado is in the area.

And that's when it hits me .... that is exactly what my mother would do. In fact, my mother still to this day calls me when there's a storm coming. For years when my children were growing up she would call to tell me to bundle them up before they went to the bus stop, or to lock my door at night. I've always wondered why she did that. In the past I've laughed about it and wondered if she really thought I was that incapable of taking care of my kids. Now, I think I may understand.

There's something about being a grandparent. I think that maybe its the fact that even though they are not our children, the parental drive to protect them is as strong as if they were our own. I remember when they were born marveling at their pefectness and innocense and having the sudden awareness that I would die or kill to protect them. Add to that powerful drive to protect the knowledge that you have no control over their the decisions their parents make to protect them. Its not that we doubt our children's ability to protect them ... no, not for a second ... I know for certain that my son and his wife will make all the right decisions to ensure their safety and well-being ... its just that as grandparents we still have the desire to protect the most precious thing in our world - without the ability to do so... and its that lack of ability that makes us do crazy things - like call when there's a strom coming.

So will I call tonight? No, I won't. But the fact that I've already thought about it ... well, its just a grandparent thing I suppose. As they grow there will no doubt be many more fears to face and I can only hope that I control myself as much as possible, and that on the occasion I give in and call with some outrageous concern that my children will overlook it ...write me off as a crazy grandma if they must. And maybe, just maybe, one day when they are grandparents, they'll understand too.


hallga77 said...

Don't forget to remind them about the New Madrid fault! ...(the worries may seem obsessive but you love them).

Barbara said...

Interesting insight! I hope to discover this for myself someday in the (distant) future. I would want someone to call me if there was a storm coming!

The pic of Brian leaning over the crib looking at the boys just gets me every time I see it.