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Monday, May 03, 2010

Doggie Alcatraz Revisited

Some of you will remember that our adorable stray mutt, Gunner, likes to climb fences and visit the neighbors. That presented problems ...

So Brian built the existing chain link fence up to a higher height and bent it over to make a "shelf" that Gunner would run into when he tried to climb the fence. It worked! He hasn't escaped since. BUT ... its ugly. Really ugly. We have joked about being a real Redneck family now because the fence is such a ... well, Redneck thing to look at.

So .... this spring we've put a privacy fence up in front of "Doggie Alcatraz" to make things look better ... and make peace with the neighbors who didn't complain but couldn't have appreciated the UGLY fence next to their property.

Today I planted some Pink Knock-Out roses in front with purple catmint between them. When it grows, which it will very soon, it should look pretty.

These the my tulips which are on their last leg I think. They're HUGE though - they come up to my hip and the blooms are a large as wine glasses.

The rock garden is going crazy too.
All I need now are two baby swings ... :)

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KrippledWarrior said...

Good fences make good neighbors. Great fences make great friends. I like the tulips but I love the flag display.