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Friday, May 28, 2010

Full Moon

Is there a full moon out tonight?? Must be. Its been "one of those days". My mother did get transported (finally) to The Drake Center. Its the best place in Cincinnati for orthopedic rehab so we're hoping she won't have to be there long and that they'll get her back on her feet soon.

Today I drove my dad down to see Eli & Owen and was hoping they would have her transported by then. They didn't. What should have been a fairly easy day turned into a pretty bad day for all of us.

On an aggravating but far, far more humorous note - I got back home around 4:30, put the dogs out and started a pot of soup. It was thundering and my two sissy dogs can't handle that so they were crying and clawing at the back door for me to let them in. I didn't. Instead I ran upstairs for something thinking I would let them in when I got settled. I came back downstairs a few minutes later and went to let the dogs in and Gunner was gone. There were some stones moved by the new gate so he had somehow managed to get through not one highly reinforced gate but also a second gate. He did it pretty quickly too. THAT DOG! So let Taser in and ran out my front door yelling for Gunner. My neighbor was out and said she saw him go up the street toward the church. Great. He is usually just in the next yard and comes back the minute I call him but this time there was no sight of the little booger. I yelled and yelled for him and walked around. Still no sign on him. Exasperated, I came back in ... and found him in my house watching me from the front window. Somehow he had managed to get back in our yard and come back inside through the back door in the time it took me to get out the front door. That's Gunner. Good thing he's cute.

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