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Saturday, May 22, 2010

On a More Personal Note

Tonight a few folks from church joined together with some of the Cincinnati Teamsters Motorcycle Association to help stuff and pack backpacks that will be delivered to the kids at Pine Ridge this July. We put a lot of sweat and some blood into the job but we "got 'er done" ... well, almost. We packed 547 before we ran out of boxes. We'll get more boxes next week and will finish up the rest for a total of 600.

Now, on a personal note ...


I love it because some kids who wouldn't otherwise have school supplies will now have them.

And I love it because this endeavor draws people from all walks of life together. We were supposed to have some of the businessmen here tonight too but they couldn't make it. Now where else would you find bikers and businessmen and church people hanging out together? At my house, right? Seriously, I love that.

And I love it because this was just some crazy idea I had some years ago and it is the most amazing and humbling thing to see so many people give thousands of dollars and so much of their time to make it happen for the kids at Pine Ridge. Who'd have thunk it?

And I loved it when they all paused and reved their bikes in front of a certain neighbor who has been a cranky old man for far too long. Harleys are loud anyway but when they want to be really, really loud its something you've just gotta hear. ;)

Is that a motley crew or what?

Thanks Ron (left) for giving me a ride tonight.

Yay! Women can stuff backpacks and hold babies at the same time!

Thanks to all who came out!

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KrippledWarrior said...

You cavort with motorcyclists?
They're worse than hippies.

Love ya,