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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Great Finds

I'm happy. One thing from my "wish list" is now a reality and sitting in my side yard. I found this compost tumbler on Craigslist ... for FREE! I can never get anything off of Craigslist. I can find stuff, but its always gone or too far away, or something. I thought that was the case with this too. I had emailed and not heard back from them, then it disappeared from Craigslist so I assumed it was taken. Then yesterday I got an email asking if I was still interested and telling me where to pick it up. I did! And I love it! I've been using two garbage cans with holes drilled in them for my compost but this will help it to decay much faster.

And my husband is happy. He now has a snow blower! Thanks to our neighbor who got this one up and running and offered it to us for the cost of tuning it up. Did I mention we have good neighbors? We have great neighbors.

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HennHouse said...

We started with one compost bin... Now we have four. Our's don't tumble though... the teenager turns them!