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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Just Another Day

This morning John and I went to Walmart to purchase the last of the food for the trip to Pine Ridge. The food situation will definitely be different this year, but from the looks of things, we'll still be eating pretty good. I'm doubting that anyone will starve to death next week. So, I've spent the afternoon getting it packed and making phone calls ... and then more phone calls.... and then more phone calls.

The company that is donating some of the food emailed that we can pick that up on Thursday between 8am and 1pm.

Problem - I may or may not be available for that. There are any one of three things that may or may not take my day on Thursday. I won't know till Thursday. SO ... John is going to take care of that.

Problem: The coolers the food goes in are all at my house. John said he'd get someone to take care of that as long as I leave them in my garage. (he along with half of Hamilton have the code to get in to the garage)

That is not a problem. No one would come into my house and risk the wrath of my dogs. :)

So ... I went upstairs to carry the coolers down and guess what? They were all full of bottled water! Now where did that come from?? I don't know for sure but we can use it for REZonate. Coolers are now empty and sitting in the garage. Back to packing stuff ...

I still can't find my bean bags to get the game box packed up. I guess if we don't find them we'll just not play cornhole out there. We can however still play the toilet toss game ... and maybe we'll get creative and find something to toss through those seats.

I've also got to run over to a neighbor's house and drop something off to help make sure the missionaries out there receive some financial help. I'm sure that line doesn't make sense to anybody but me, but that's OK.

At some point I need to pack my own stuff. That means I'll need to do some laundry too. That will probably be a last minute thing though.

I think there's another load of materials being dropped off at my house tonight too. I won't be here, but like I said ... everybody knows how to get in. And Logan is probably going to be around here since he's sick as a dog with step throat.

Tonight we're off to soak up some grandbaby time! It may be the last time I'll get to see them for 3 weeks or so. Ugh! I may not survive that. Hmm ... the mission team comes through Ill. on the way home .... I wonder if I could hijack them and run past Allison's parent's house?

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