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Monday, July 26, 2010

Simple Life

"Let me tell you 'bout my home town ... "

That's a lyric from my cousin Jason's song "Simple Life". I went back home this weekend. There was a big deal going on back home. Jason and his band was opening the Pike County Fair with a concert and most of my family were going to be there ... so, it was a good time to go back. Besides, I knew it would be kinda cool to sit with my family at the fairgrounds in the little town where I grew up and hear my cousin sing Simple Life - a song about our hometown. And it was. cool. I've got to admit though, it felt strange ... me and my cousins sitting there with grandkids. My grandparents are long gone, our parents are old, and now we watch the happenings of Pike County with not just our children but our grandchildren. The last time I was at that fair I was a little kid myself. Its funny how time goes by so fast and things change and yet they still stay the same too.
Jason's doing OK for himself. He's touring, playing with Brooks and Dunn, Kenny Chesney and who knows who else. His song is being played on radio stations around the country and he's been on CMT. Not too bad for a Pike County kid. It was also cool to watch a hometown parade in my hometown. Its been ... well, a long, long time since I've done that. They even passed out Popsicles as we watched. And of course there was lots and lots of candy for the kids.

So, let me tell you about my hometown ....

Main Street
(two stop lights and an IGA)

My Dad's old store.

(The Hallmark store used to be "Cliff's Clothes for Men and Boys" and we lived in the apartment above the store.)

The road to my Grandma's house

The house I lived in when I was a little girl. It still looks pretty much the same as it did. Its got new siding and windows and probably a new roof, but other than that, its the same as it was when I was seven.

The barn at my Grandma's house

My Grandpa's old Dairy barn

The clock at the Courthouse

The Parade!

My cousin Greg's restored car

My cousin Brian is running for County Commissioner

My cousin Alden driving one of the Miss Pike County Contestants

My cousin Jason was the Grand Marshal and my other cousin drove him

The concert

And here's a video of Jason performing "Simple Life" at the fair. I apologize for the poor quality of video. Its really bad, but ....

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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the peek into your former world Amber. So agree with this:

" Its funny how time goes by so fast and things change and yet they still stay the same too."