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Saturday, July 03, 2010

What a Week!

Well the weekend is finally here. Tonight we go over to mom and dad's for a big cookout and fireworks. About 30 people will be there. Ha! Should be fun.

Last night I built a fire in the backyard and Brian and I made Smores and watched lightening bugs. It was nice to have some time to relax from the week - its been a most crazy one.

Let me recap ....

Last Sunday Ron, Gary, and Scot from the Cincinnati Teamsters Motorcycle Association joined with me and Cathy at Bridgewater Falls Shopping Center for their Bikes and BBQ event. We had a booth there for Backpacks For Pine Ridge complete with the 2010 Harley the TMA guys are raffling off. Ickey Woods (former Cincinnati Bengal) was in the booth right next to us, and yes, our super salesman Scot even sold Ickey a raffle ticket. Not too many people get past Scot and very few say no to him. You can see some pics over at the Backpacks blog.

Monday Allison, her mom, the twins, my dad, Logan and me and Brian went to a Reds game and walked Eli and Owen around the field. Fun night. Lots of work to pull it all off but worth it to make some memories.

Tuesday we got word that all of the food items we had requested from a local food company for the Pine Ridge trip had been discontinued. Soooo ... John Lansdale and I came up with a new list of food items to ask for and resubmitted a request.

Wednesday I was tired. I don't even remember Wednesday. I know I didn't rest though. At the moment I just can't remember what I did. According to my Facebook status I hit the gym and then ran errands for the Pine Ridge trip. Went to church that night and passed around a sign up sheet for people to pray for us as we are on the mission trip, and put the brass sign on the case that holds the star quilt that Melda gave us last year. Its been that kind of week.

Thursday we found out that the donation we requested from the food company was approved but that we'd only get about half of what we asked for and that they will not be packing it in coolers with dry ice this year. The last 6 years they've donated all of our meat products and packed it for us. But things change. At least we're getting something and every little bit helps.

Thursday we had our final team meeting before we leave for the Rez. Everyone showed up!! That's always a good thing. I think, I hope, I tried to bring everybody up to speed. Quite a few have missed meetings where I've given out some important info .... I hope they got caught up.

And Thursday while I was at the meeting, Brian was cutting the grass at home. While he was in the front yard riding the mower, he looked up and saw both Taser and Gunner running around the neighborhood. They had managed to knock the chain link gate off its hinges. He fixed it, got them back in the back yard then went to take a shower and check email. After that he came downstairs to let the dogs in ... except, there was no Gunner. Gunner had somehow (we still don't know how) gotten out again. When he heard Brian he came bounding across the yard next to ours, climbed the fence, balanced on top of the fence for Taser to get out of his way, then jumped back into our yard. What that dog doesn't do.

And Friday ... I did nothing. Absolutly nothing.

The coming week will be crazy too I assume. We leave next Saturday morning bright and early. Actually it won't be bright yet since we leave at 5:30am. You can keep up with our updates while we're gone over on the Pine Ridge trip blog. I'll update it from my phone to let you know of our adventures.

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You keep a calendar on facebook? Very imaginative!