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Thursday, August 05, 2010

My Dilemma

Its time to shop for school supplies ... again. Am I losing it or did we just do that? Ah, time flies when you get old I guess. Anyway, its time to stock up on school supplies for the kids on the Rez. A couple of weeks ago we delivered backpacks full of school supplies for 611 kids on the Rez!

This year my little private goal is to be able to take 1000 out next year. Problem is - right now I only have $3000.00 and that will only buy 300. That's half of what we did this year. I'm not sure why funds are lower this year. The economy maybe? Maybe people think we rake it in big at REZonate? I don't know, bur for whatever reason, we're down. There will of course be more $$ coming in next month after REZonate but I have no way of guessing how much more. And school supplies are at the best prices NOW. They''ll be pretty much gone by mid-September. I can buy backpacks any time of the year for $6 each, but no so with school supplies.

So my dilemma is this ... h0w in the world do I even begin to buy school supplies? Do I buy for 300 and then take a chance at having to pay more for supplies later? Or do I buy for my goal of 1000 and then maybe not have enough to buy backpacks? I think I'm going to shoot for 600 and hope somehow it'll all work out later. That and I'm buying the supplies that are really cheap now but I know will cost more later. Some things I can always get pretty cheap. I'm not buying those things ... yet.

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Kansas Bob said...

Count Ann and I in for 10 bags Amber! Just send us the address via email and we will mail a check!