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Saturday, September 04, 2010

I'm a Runner

I've always wondered when I would feel like a runner. I've been running since April but I've never felt comfortable calling myself a runner. I'm not sure what the criteria is for earning the title "runner". Is it the number of miles you run? Or the length of time you've been running? Or maybe its after your first road race? I don't know and I'm sure its different for every runner.

I can now say that I feel like a runner but it has nothing at all to do with my performance. I don't look like a runner. I'm still a little chunky. I don't run well. I don't run fast and I can't run very far. So basically, I suck at running.

So why would I feel like a runner? Well, because yesterday it dawned on me that I've had every reason to quit. Its been a hard year. I started out very out of shape. And I'm old - only a fool would start running at age 48. I used to run. I ran 6 miles a day. But that was in my 30's. Once you hit 40, everything changes and it changes again every year after 40. They're not kidding when they tell you its a downhill slide. So running now is very, VERY different than it was in my 30's.

And I keep injuring myself. It started out with knee problems. I have a bad knee but that was not the one that gave me problems. Go figure. My "good" knee became my bad knee to the point where I literally couldn't walk after a run. I dealt with that by running at night and then going to bed with an ice pack. By morning it would be OK, at least until I ran again.

I got past the knee problem and then the incredible heat kicked in. Last year we had 4 days with a Heat Emergency. This year we had 30. Its been horribly HOT and HUMID this summer. At 6am it would be 86 degrees out and so humid breathing was difficult even when you weren't trying to run.

Then I missed out on running for a week before, during and the week after the Pine Ridge trip. Running my usual mile after not running for 3 weeks was tough but I did it and then added another half mile. That was when I got shin splints and my Achilles tendon felt like it was going to snap. Again with the ice packs.

But I've been determined to stick with it and yesterday I ran 2 miles. Not all that far, but for me, its great! I may be able to do that 5k in October afterall.

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HennHouse said...

I love this perspective...

And it makes me wonder if I'll ever feel like a runner.