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Monday, September 13, 2010

Its All Over Now

I can breath again. For a while. Saturday was a good day. As usual there are stories to tell. You just can't immerse yourself into the lives of so many people from so many walks of life and not have stories to tell. Some funny, some very moving, all memorable.

And really, that's what its all about. Yes its a fundraiser, but its so much more. Frankly, if it was only about money, I wouldn't do it. Its not worth all the hard work and sacrifice to just make a little money. But factor in the lives ... the souls, that are affected, and well, I'd do it all again just to touch one of them.

For you numbers people, we made almost $1000 above expenses on REZonate. It took a lot more than that to pull it off, but we came out well in the black. We had about 750 people attend. It grows every year. If we have the energy and desire to keep going, this may well go to bigger places someday. But that's not our goal. Our goal, as far as I'm concerned is to just take the next step and see where God leads and who He puts in our path. Its more exciting that way, and it keeps us focused on the things that matter rather than just numbers and dollars.

The Cincinnati Teamsters Motorcycle Association did incredibly well with their bike raffle ... I'll let the pics tell that story. :)

The Cincinnati Teamsters Motorcycle Association ride

The Nuclear Penguins


West Chester Police Department Honor Guard
doing a 9/11 tribute.
Jenny Rodriguez sang the National Anthem

Amazing Grace on bagpipes

Shelly Bently from Pine Ridge Reservation drawing the winning ticket
for the Harley-Davidson raffle

Dan Tackett calling the Darryl Vaughn, winner of the
2010 Heritage Softail Classic Harley-Davidson

Scot Witskin, Vice President of the Cincinnati TMA presenting
Backpacks For Pine Ridge a check for $10,180

Me and some of the Cincinnati Teamsters Motorcycle Association members
(Nicky was told to make that face)

Karyn Williams

Brian White

Blessid Union of Souls

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