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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Over the Rhine & Underground Walking Tour Pics

This morning Brian and I went on an underground walking tour in Cincinnati. Its about a 90-minute tour that includes a lot of historic places in the Over the Rhine area of Cincy. We even got to go through some of the underground tunnels and visit a crypt and we learned a lot about the area. I would highly recommend Queen City Underground Tours! They do a ghost tour too ... which we may have to look into. Over the Rhine is the largest historic urban area in the U.S. but it has become known as the most dangerous area of Cincinnati because of the low-income and high-crime rate there. There is hope for this unique area though ....

This building used to be a beer garden where some high profile people used to meet.

One was the president of the Reds. It was here that the idea of a World Series was sparked.
The orchastra that played in the beer garden became the nuclues of what is now the CincinnatiSymphony.

The crypts under St. Francis Seraph Church

many of the graves are of Irish immigrants

One of the tunnels under Cincinnati

A very cool ceiling in one of the old beer gardens
*Interesting note - the tours started as a way for a couple of school teachers to fund service trips to other countries. They also hoped to be a part of the revitalization of this area of the city. They were laughed at when they told the city officials what they had in mind and that they hoped to bring 100 people through the tours. Today there were 200 in our group alone. :)

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