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Monday, September 06, 2010

That Girl

Well, he did it. Logan asked "the" question and Jenn said "yes".

They've dated for a little over a year... sometimes off, mostly on. And they were friends before that via Myspace, Facebook and text messages.

So who is this girl?

She's Jenn Baker, granddaughter of a couple in our church (guess how they met) and, you guessed it, a pastor's kid. What can be worse than one PK ... two of them married to each other. Wish them luck on that one.

Jenn is a girly-girl ... but then not really. She is better at working on cars than Logan is and until recently had a classic Firebird that was her baby. It came complete with a VERY loud exhaust system. We always heard her coming a few miles away. She's a big time animal lover. Logan is jealous because our dogs run to her rather than him when they come over. Jenn hates to see animals abused - and yet she hunts. In fact, she can dress a deer. How she can love animals and kill Bambi is beyond me but she does. She likes to go fishing too.

She's shy ... most people think she's stuck up or something (I can sympathize) but she's really just shy and a little bit unsure of herself. But make no mistake about it - don't you be giving her any lip because she knows how to take care of you if you do. Once a boy in school called her a "bitch" and she hurdled a couple of rows of desks, had him in a headlock and was punching him in the face before the teacher even knew what was happening.

She's from a little bitty town north of Columbus and I expect they'll be moving up there after they get married.

No date is set yet - they need to get school finished first. Logan begins the Police Academy next week and Jenn hopes to be a nurse someday.

Welcome to the family Jenn!


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The Buriff men have great taste in women! Congrats to Logan and Jenn!