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Monday, September 06, 2010

Well, I've Done it Now

I've just signed up for my first 5k! Nope, its not the Trax for Backpacks 5k ... that'll come later and yes, I'm signed up for that one already too, but this 5k is one I will run before ours. I'll run it on Oct. 2nd. Well, truth be told, I'll walk/run it. I'll try to run as far as I can with it but I doubt I'll be able to run all 3.1 miles by then.

This 5k is special to me. This 5k is the one that I originally wanted to run. People may think that the 5k for Backpacks is what got me started but they'd be wrong. You see, about a year ago I read my friend Karin's blog about her first 5k. Now if anybody has reason to rightly say they don't have time to exercise, it's her. She has three kids. Her youngest, Esther-Faith is a little red=headed firecracker with more personality than anybody has a right to. Esther-Faith also has Spina Bifida - which is what this 5k is all about. Even though her plate is full by anybody's estimations, Karin found time to ride her exercise bike every day ... for something like over 700 consecutive days! She also added running to her exercise routine and then, last year, ran her first 5k!

Needless to say, I was inspired.

And I had secretly planned/hoped to run the Walk, Run, Roll 5k for Spina Bifida this year as well.

See, I have a sister. Her name was Dana and she was born before I was and died shortly after her birth. I've never met her, but one day I will. She was born with Spina Bifida. She was born back in the late 50's when survival rates of babies born with Spina Bifida were only 10%. I suppose its because of dollars that have been raised by things like this 5k that have helped to improve greatly the ability to treat Spina Bifida and make it possible for babies born with this horrible condition to not only survive but thrive.

So, I've been running. I'm not very good at it, but I'm hanging in there. And I'll be in Columbus on Oct. 2nd to run/walk my first 5k!

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