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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Crazy Little Story

Ever have one of those times when things are just ... weird? Well, here's a story like that. For the past few months Ray and Kathy have been collecting winter coats to take out to the Rez. In fact, they leave next Monday to take them out there. Well ...

It so happens that Ray was in Middletown ...

and it so happens that he wondered into a thrift store ...

and it so happens that he came upon a box of winter coats that had a sign that said "Half Off".

The coates were marked anywhere from $2 - $4.

So Ray asked the manager if that was the half off price or the regular price and found out that it was half off of the price marked. So he bought them all.

It so happens that then he was telling the manager what he was doing with the coats and so the manager said, "Come see something ..."

And it so happens that the back room of the store was filled with coats. Maybe a few hundred of them.

And it so happens that the manager told Ray that he could take them all.

Not all of them are in good shape. They'll have to be cleaned before they take them out to the Rez, but still.

Then it so happens that Ray mentions the church he attends ...

and it so happens that this manager said, "So is Howard Eliott still the pastor there?"

It so happens that this manager used to attend our church and knew him.

Then ... the other day Brian was sitting at Panera working on his message and a man walked up and said hello and asked if Brian remembered him. Brian was a bit embarrassed but said, "Can you give me a hint".

It so happens that this man was the same manager at the thrift store who used to go to our church and remembered Brian and just happened to run into him again.

Is that crazy or what?

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