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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Crazy Love

We've been going through the book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan on Sunday mornings. Its a great book. I'm not easily impressed, but I came across this book quite by accident and well ... I was impressed. I still don't know what the book is about because I've not read it all. I'm only on Chapter 3 and I've only watched the videos that go with the chapter I'm on ... so ... I'll let you know if I change my mind about it when I finish. ;)

Today's discussion was interesting. The question we were discussing was, "when did you 'get it' and realize that you LOVE God - not just believe in Him or serve Him, but LOVE Him?

Some were honest and said they didn't think they'd ever really "gotten it". I imagine that if most people who fill pews on Sunday were honest they'd admit the same.

Having kids and/or grandbabies helps. I think it would be tough to imagine a "crazy love" without kids. I know when Eli and Owen were born I watched them sleeping in their crib and thought "I'd die for these babies. And I'd kill for them too ... and not think twice about either".

Crazy love to me means that you think about the one you love all the time. You can't wait to see them. Can't wait to spend time with them. And you look completely silly too - but you don't care. You do weird things - things that people who don't understand, don't understand. People shake their heads and you and say things like, "oh she's one of those (grandma)".

I suppose its no different when we're crazy in love with God. Does your relationship with God look like this?
This post isn't meant to be legalistic, as in, you'd better be like this or you're not a good Christian. Its just something to think about ...

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Kansas Bob said...

Great pics Amber! I do think that love looks a bit crazy when we consider the love that Stephen had when he forgave those who were stoning him.