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Thursday, December 16, 2010


For Christmas I gave Brian a subscription to Ancestry.com. While he's been busy researching his genealogy, I've been busy working on my side of things ... and what I've found is interesting.

It seems that family on my mother's side goes back to England with some funny stories to go along with it. Today I found this particular link back to Edmund Moodye in England in the early 1500's. Who was Edmund Moodye, you ask? Well, basically a nobody. Edmund was just a lowly knave in King Henry the 8th's court. While out running along the sides of the horses of the titled men, Henry in full armour was crossing a creek and the horse slipped, thus dumping the King into the water. He could not get up without help, being a tad heavy in weight and with armour. Edmund ran over and held the King's head above the water until everyone could dismount and help right the King. For this bravery, he was awarded the title SIR EDMUND, given a manor at BURY ST EDMUND (a town), and a pension. The manor is STILL around and several generations later was "sold to George Washington's ancestors". A heraldity shield was also given.

A more humorous story suggests that King Henry the 8th was out Hawking (a sport) and tried to pole vault the creek when he went head first into it and got his head stuck in the mud.

Either way, our dear old Edmund saved the life of the king and was given all the honor due him.

Edmund Moodye (1499 - 1562)
relationship to you: 15th great grandfather
Richard Moody (1528 - 1574)
Son of Edmund
George Moody (1560 - 1607)
Son of Richard
Samuel Moody (1592 - 1657)
Son of George
John Moody (1640 - 1679)
Son of Samuel
Frances Moody (1663 - )
Daughter of John
Elizabeth Man (1659 - 1735)
Daughter of Frances
Thomas DRAPER (1699 - 1743)
Son of Elizabeth
Mary Ann Draper (1718 - 1761)
Daughter of Thomas
Joshua Palmer (1747 - 1835)
Son of Mary Ann
Parmenus Palmer (1790 - 1840)
Son of Joshua
Susannah Palmer (1800 - 1849)
Daughter of Parmenus
Elizabeth McCafferty (1825 - 1876)
Daughter of Susannah
Albert Commodore Gray (1845 - 1909)
Son of Elizabeth
Roy Gray (1884 - 1921)
Son of Albert Commodore
Fern Loraine Gray (1909 - )
Daughter of Roy
Judith Lynn Davis (1938 - )
Daughter of Fern Loraine
Amber Lynn Dyson (1961 - )
Daughter of Judith Lynn

The shield given to Edmund

The letter pronouncing him "Sir" Edmund Moodye

Other tales that I've heard for years are also apparently true. I've always heard that we were related to Sir Francis Drake and lo and behold, we did find this link:

Sir Francis Drake (1540 - 1596)
relationship to you: 1st cousin 12x removed
Edmund Drake (1520 - 1566)
Father of Sir Francis
John Drake (1460 - 1554)
Father of Edmund
John Drake (1500 - 1588)
Child of John
Bernard Drake (1528 - 1586)
Son of John
John Drake (1566 - 1628)
Son of Bernard
William Drake (1596 - 1640)
Son of John
Thomas Drake (1687 - )
Son of William
William Sr Drake (1707 - 1770)
Son of Thomas
John Drake (1732 - 1792)
Son of William Sr
William Drake (1756 - 1829)
Son of John
Abram Abraham Drake (1799 - )
Son of William
Johnson Drake (1828 - 1898)
Son of Abram Abraham
Susie Lizabeth Drake (1876 - 1930)
Daughter of Johnson
George Lovest Davis (1902 - 1972)
Son of Susie Lizabeth
Judith Lynn Davis (1938 - )
Daughter of George Lovest
Amber Lynn Dyson (1961 - )
Daughter of Judith Lynn

Who was Sir Francis Drake? Well, that depends on who you ask. To the English he was something of a hero - to the Spanish, he was a pirate. He was an English sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, a renowned pirate, and a politician of the Elizabethan era. Elizabeth I of England awarded Drake a knighthood in 1581.

Being Christmas, its also quite interesting to look at the genealogy of Jesus. He has some interesting folks in his linage too. I do believe there's something to family influence through both nature and nurture but ultimately, who we are is up to us and it is our mission to be the person God created us to be.


moody said...

we're related! haha barely...samuel moody is our last link. my line goes up his son Thomas' line and i guess yours goes up his son john's...thought the story about edmund was entertaining :)

Brian Cox said...

Edmund Moody(e) is my 13th Great Grandfather. My mother was a Moody.

Brian Cox, Charlotte NC